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Events: Summer 2019

'Gasp!' by Hilary Jane Hughes

Saturday 20th July, 2pm

Come and hear Yorkshire poet Hilary Jane Hughes talk about her writing and read from her latest book, 'GASP!'

‘GASP!’, Hilary’s second book, is a fervent and arresting response to a fast-changing world. She writes about the joy of creation and connection, and the goodness, but also the idiosyncrasy found in people.

She is particularly inspired by place – especially wild places and coasts, such as here in North Yorkshire and the north-west of Scotland. Travel is an eye opener, and settings are intriguing and varied  - including parts of North America, South East Asia and Europe.

Hilary’s writing asks pertinent questions about life, relationships, suffering and inequality.

Come and hear an accomplished wordsmith who wants to dispel negative myths about poetry as a genre, and to encourage people to express themselves through the creative arts.

‘… she combines meticulous, painterly observation and questioning contemplation … this is attentive writing, and (her) descriptions and meditations train a parallel attentiveness in the reader paying it attention.’ JOHN MOSS in THE READER, Summer 2019

‘… wonderful gifts of insight, empathy and compassion.’ PAM RHODES, Author and Broadcaster

'Raid of the Ratskull Rodents' by James Steptowe: 

Book Reading, Treasure Hunt and Fun Activities for readers aged 7 to 11.

Saturday 10th August, 11am

'Raid of the Ratskull Rodents' is the first book by James Steptowe - a story of courageous cats, revolting rats, gullible guinea pigs and a missing sacred object.  A story full of adventure and mystery, accompanied by fun illustrations, it also has helpful footnotes to explain challenging words and phrases to help young readers expand their vocabulary.  

James is a teacher by day, and a writer by night. He moved from London last summer, and now lives in Cookridge with his wife. He currently teaches in a primary school near Knaresborough in a mixed Year Five and Six class, so he has a unique perspective on what inspires and challenges children in their reading. When he's not teaching, writing or reading, James can be found in his garden, playing tag rugby or hiking through the magnificent Yorkshire Dales.