Book of Days: Poetry Workshop with Carmen Marcus

Wednesday 10th April 
Book Corner

Price £15 / person, payable in advance. Please call Book Corner on 01287 348010 to book.

April is National Poetry Writing Month and I hope you’ll join me to celebrate by writing your own Book of Days.

I’ve created this workshop to celebrate a life - yours - the moments as they really are: minute and huge, joyful and painful. The Christian Book of Days offered lessons for life, meditations on the complications of being human: love, grief and loss. In this workshop we’re going to take this concept and mess with it, wreck it and punk it to make poetry that captures the messiness and richness of life as we live it now. The original books were beautifully illuminated so we’ll also use collage to bring our poems to life.

Writing level: All

Please bring a notebook. Other materials provided.

Spring 2019


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