'Get Me Out Of Witch School!' by Em Lynas - Book Launch

Saturday 14th April,

1pm - 3pm

Saltburn-based children’s author Em Lynas will be launching the new book in her ‘Toadspit Towers’ series, entitled Get Me Out of Witch School! This is the sequel to You Can’t Make Me Go to Witch School! which has proven very popular at Book Corner. 

The launch will be held at Book Corner on Saturday 14th April at 1pm.  There will be cakes  and magical mayhem! Em will also be signing copies of the book, which is recommended for ages 7 and above.  Please come along and say hello!

Here’s a hint of what you can expect from the new book:

Daisy Wart is now Twinkle Toadspit, the witchiest witch of all, and she is STILL an awesome actress! Unfortunately she's accidentally unleashed a magical KITTEN OF DISASTER on Toadspit Towers! A kitten that brings chaos and turmoil and MUST BE STOPPED…

 There will be plenty of copies available on the day, but if you can’t make the launch or would like to pre-order a copy, please visit Book Corner or call 01287 348010. 

'Get Me Out Of Witch School' Competition!

What do you get if you magically mix a badger and a ferret?  A Barmy Badget! A creature of chaos and catastrophe!  What do you get if you magically mix a rabbit and a cat? A Rabat or a Catit?  Cute and cuddly or dangerous and deadly?

Can you draw, paint or make a Toadspit creature?

YES?  THEN DO IT! You could win a £10 book voucher!

Call into Book Corner for an entry form, and return it by 13th April.  The winner will be announced at the book launch the next day. 

Good luck!

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